• How can I contact with you?

    Sending email to vmic@victormedic.com

  • How to order?

    Step1: Please tell us the model & quantity you need.

    Step2: We will send you PI by email to confirm the details.

    Step3: When we confirmed everything with each other, please arrange payment.

    Stept4: When receiving your payment, we will arrange the production and inform you about the delivery time.

    Step5: When finish production, we will arrange shipment for you.

  • What's the MOQ of an order of your goods?

    30pcs for each products.

  • How about the payment?

    100% TT in advance.

  • How about your delivery time?

    According to stock condition.

  • What's the benefit of 4th generation reload technic of the single use endoscopic linear cutter stapler?

    The 4th generation of the single use endoscopic linear cutter stapler has the following advantages:

    (1) Curved reload surface

    Providing lateral dispersion of tissue to facilitate compressing  

    (2) Three Different staple heights from inner to outer

    Excellent hemostatic effect., provide excellent blood supply for tissue healing. More adaptation to different tissue.

    (3) Reinforced fixed anvil design.

    400HV hardness, ensure consistent B-shaped formation. 

  • What's the benefit of the single use bladeless trocar?

    The benefits of single use medical trocar are as follows:

    (1) Patented olecranon design, penetrate by dilating, decrease the risk of visceral damage, less trauma, less bleeding.

    (2) 30°blunt angle on sleeve end, provide Smooth penetration, Less trauma.

  • What's the benefit of the one-piece anvil of single use circular stapler?

    The single use circular stapler is with the following benefits:

    (1) Extra thin anvil easy to be placed into purse-string.

    (2) One-piece anvil provides strong support to ensure the "B" shape formation.

  • What's the benefit of Single edged circular knife of single use circular stapler?

    The single edged circular knife of the disposable circular stapler provides bigger cutting bore and ensures smooth cutting.

  • Why do you choose good quality gasket of single use circular stapler?

    The good quality gasket of the circular surgical stapler can provide obvious sound and hand feeling feedback when firing.

  • Which kind of safety mechanism of single use linear cutter stapler?

    The disposable linear cutter stapler has the following safety mechanism:

    (1) Floating reload design

    Preventing misfiring, when cartridge can't be fired if the instrument doesn't close properly.

    (2) Auto bumped knife protector

    Avoiding misfiring from the empty cartridge and protect the surgeons and nurses in operation during surgery.

  • Can we re-use the products?

    All of our medical surgical instruments are designed for single use.