Hemorrhoidal Stapler
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Hemorrhoidal Stapler

The disposable hemorrhoids stapler is a set of instruments that place a double staggered, circular row of titanium staples. Immediately after the formation of staples, the circular knife blade resects the excess of compressed mucosa or musculomucosa. The disposable circular stapler for hemorrhoids set is commonly used in the procedures for prolapse and hemorrhoids. 

①Do not use the hemorrhoidal circular stapler where the compressed tissue thickness is less than 1.0mm or greater than 2.5mm or where the rectum will not be able to accommodate the instrument and accessories.

②Do not use the stapler for hemorrhoids when anal stenosis exists.

③Do not use the disposable hemorrhoids stapler when severe mucosal edema exists.

④Do not use the disposable hemorrhoids stapler when severe fibrosis of hemorrhoid tissue exists.

⑤Do not use the piles stapler when tissue has undergone multiple injections of hardening agent at hemorrhoids.

⑥Do not use the stapler for piles on the patients undergoing anticoagulation therapy.

Hemorrhoidal Stapler Features & Benefits

  • ①.24.1ml ultra-large capacity
    ①.24.1ml ultra-large capacity

    Accommodate more tissue.

  • ②.One-piece central rod design
    ②.One-piece central rod design

    Ensure excellent concentricity and verticality. Ensure consistency of the piles operation stapler.

  • ③.53mm central rod design
    ③.53mm central rod design

    Providing better operation view.

  • ④.Single edged circular knife
    ④.Single edged circular knife

    Ensure sharper cutting

  • ⑤.Obvious feedback when firing
    ⑤.Obvious feedback when firing

    High quality gasket provide obvious audible and tactile feedback.

  • ⑥.Variable speed tail
    ⑥.Variable speed tail

    Protect stomas while removing stapler,uniformly squeeze tissue when closing stapler.

  • ⑦.More Staples
    ⑦.More Staples

    Providing excellent hemostatic effect.

  • ⑧.Indicate window design Tissue compression scale
    ⑧.Indicate window design Tissue compression scale

    Fire until the indicators within the green zone,ensure the safe suture.

Hemorrhoidal Stapler Indications

The stapler operation for piles:

Hemorrhoidal Stapler Indications

Hemorrhoidal Stapler Model & Specification

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