With the development of the current medical level, although the hospital is gradually developing from open surgery to minimally invasive surgery in the treatment operation, reducing incision surgery and vigorously developing minimally invasive treatment methods, minimally invasive treatment is a progressive process .There are also disadvantages, and open surgery has its advantages. Our company produces a full range of open surgical instruments such as trocar surgical instrument to meet the surgical needs of doctors under the current status of medical device development, and continues to innovate and improve open surgical medical devices and update product lines.

Types of Open Surgical Instruments

Circular Stapler

The Single Use Circular Stapler is composed of SCS, SCSA, ESCS circular staplers, which are mainly composed of: staple holder, staple box, aluminum bend, safety block, movable handle cover, adjusting handle, staple, circular knife and knife shock absorber. PSCS, PSCSA, PESCS circular staplers are mainly composed of: stpatple holder, staple box, aluminum elbow, movable handle cover, movable handle, adjusting handle, staple, knife shock absorber.

Linear Cutter Stapler

The Single Use Linear Cutter Stapler and reload are mainly composed of: a push handle, an upper fixed handle, a staple holder, a button, a movable handle cover, a reload fixing frame, a knife, a staple box, and an staple. The disposable linear cutter stapler is equipped with one reload assembly per cutting stapler at the factory.

Skin Stapler

The Single Use Skin Stapler is mainly composed of a fixed handle, a movable handle, a staple pressing plate, a staple pushing plate, a staple box, a suture base and staples.

The staple remover consists of a staple remover pliers head and a staple remover handle.

Wound Protector

The Single Use Wound Protector is composed of an outer ring, an insertion ring and a channel.

VIPA :outer ring and insertion ring are made of PE material, and the channel is made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) film material;

VIPB :outer ring, insertion ring and channel are made of silicone material, wire traveler is made of 12Cr18Ni9 material; cover plate Made of silicone.

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FAQs-Open Surgical Instruments

What's the advantages of your open surgical instruments disposable circular stapler?

Our circular surgical stapler insurance mechanism should be flexible to open and close and safe to use. The return spring should be flexible enough to return quickly when the handle is released. The stapler should have good anastomosis and cutting performance, and the staple end is sharp. After anastomosis, the staples are “B” shaped, and the circular knife has almost no curling edges or chipping edges. After the anastomosis, the anastomosis can withstand a pressure of not less than 3.6 × 103Pa, and there is no leakage or tearing.

What's the function of skin stapler and wound protector in open surgery?

Our disposable skin stapler and surgical wound protector are widely used in open surgery, which greatly facilitates the operation of doctors. The medical staple gun and staple remover can be used for suture and staples removal of surgical wounds safely and efficiently. The surgical wound protector can effectively protect the incision edge during open surgery, which is convenient for doctors.

Do you have staplers and reloads for open surgery?

Our disposable linear stapler and reload, The gia linear stapler are driven by staples aligned in a straight line on the tissue to replace manual surgical cutting or suture. The application of this instrument can save the operation time; reduce the bleeding of the patient.