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After 20 years of development, the application of laparoscopy in surgery has gradually evolved from the initial simple cholecystectomy to today's general surgery involving gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, pancreatic, thyroid, breast, and abdominal wall surgery. surgery. At present, laparoscopy is in the era of specialization, standardization and further minimally invasive. With the continuous development and innovation of surgical technology and surgical instruments, laparoscopic technology will further develop, and the demand for laparoscopic surgical instruments in the market will further increase.

As one of the most reliable laparoscopic instruments manufacturers, Victor Medical has a rich product line of endoscopic surgical instruments, including basic laparoscopic instruments, single use laparoscopic instruments, and so on, which can meet most of the needs of doctors in the clinic.

Types of Laparoscopic Instruments

Single Use Powered Endoscopic Electirc Linear Cutter Staplers

The Powered Endoscopic Linear Cutter and Reloads consist of smart powered endoscopic linear cutter and reloads, which is loaded with the reloads for resection, transection and creation of side-to-side anastomosis in abdominal, gynecologic, pediatric and thoracic surgery.

Single Use Powered Endoscopic Linear Cutters and Reloads

The Powered Endoscopic Linear Cutter is intended for resection, transection and creation of side-to-side anastomosis in abdominal, gynecologic, pediatric and thoracic surgery.

Single Use Endo Clip Appliers

The Single Use Endo Clip Appliers has a 5/10mm shaft and contains 15/20 medium/large titanium clips. The applier is designed for pass through a 5 mm or a 10 mm trocar. The Single Use Endo Clip Appliers has application for use on tubular structures or vessels wherever metal ligating clips are indicated. The tissue being ligated should be consistent with the size of the clip. 

Endoscopic Linear Cutter Reload

Before using this product, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the thickness of the tissue and select a reload with a suitable staple formation height (gray-ultra-thin tissue, white-thin tissue, blue-normal thick tissue, golden-slightly thick tissue, green-thick tissue) . The reload component is mainly composed of a staple box, an abutment base, a cutting knife, a sleeve and staples.

Endoscopic Linear Cutter Stapler

When using endoscopic linear stapler the moving body slides in the two support plates through the moving body, so that the tissue can be adjusted to the optimal suture position between the end face of the reload and the staple-receiving seat, so that the tissue is in a fixed position, and then it can be fired. The safety block plays a role in preventing accidental firing. Endoscopic linear cutter stapler and reload are composed of the rear connecting shaft (lock sleeve), knob, rotary head, fixed handle, reset handle, movable handle, firing handle, insurance button, etc.; the reload includes a staple box, a staple hold, cutting knife, staples and front connecting rod. Stapler and reload are used together. In the same operation, the stapler can be equipped with 8 staple reloads and fired 8 times. The reload are individually packaged.

Laparoscopic Suction & Irrigation Cannula

The Single Use Laparoscopic Suction & Irrigation Cannulais mainly composed of a protective sleeve, a long tube, a tube seat, a sealing ring and a valve seat. The valve seat is mainly composed of a flush valve, a suction valve, a tail cover, a flush interface and a suction interface. The arrow pointing out of the interface is marked as attracting the interface,The arrows outside the interface are marked as suction interfaces, and the arrows inside the interface are marked as flush interfaces.

Laparoscopic Bladeless Trocar

The main structure of this product:

Surgical trocar is mainly composed of a cone, connecting tube (lengthened type), sleeve, an air injection switch, a locking fixed cover, a positioning guide cover, a conversion cap sealing cap (VTB15 and VTB15L specifications), and a conversion cap ( VTB15 and VTB15L specifications), injection valve, sealing cap and choke valve.

Single Use Endoscopic Linear Cutter and Reload

The Single Use Endoscopic Stapler places six rows of staggered titanium staples with a knife blade in the middle of staple lines at the same time divide the tissue between 3 rows. The size of the staples is determined by the selection of the single use reload:

Grey reload, with two triple-staggered rows of staples, the staple height is 2.0mm;White reload, with two triple-staggered rows of staples, the staple height is 2.5mm ;Blue reload,with two triple-staggered rows of staples, the staple height is 3.5mm ;Golden reload, with two triple-staggered rows of staples, the staple height is 3.8mm;And green reload,with two triple-staggered rows of staples, the staple height is 4.2mm.The Single Use Endoscopic Stapler with Grey,White, Blue,Golden and Green single use reloads are designed for use through a 12mm trocar sleeve or larger. The instrument may be reloaded and fired up to 8 times in a single procedure for one patient.

Endoscopic Retriever Bag

The Single Use Endoscopic Retriever Bag consists of a long cylindrical tube, handle and bag body (including support ring); VERA and VERB type picking bag consists of a long cylindrical tube, handle and bag body (including support ring), tie rod; cylindrical The long tube, handle and tie rod are made of ABS material, the bag body is made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) film material; the VER type support ring is made of silicone material, and the VERA and VERB type support ring is made of 12Crl8Ni9.

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FAQs-Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments

What's the flagship product of Victormedic disposable laparoscopic instruments ?

Endoscopic linear stapler is our company's flagship product with multiple patented technologies. The use of this instrument in endoscopic surgery can reduce surgical incisions, reduce bleeding in patients, and save surgical practices. It can easily enter the human body through the trocar for suture.

Do you have surgical instruments to deal with the bleeding in laparoscopic surgery?

In laparoscopic surgery, there is often bleeding, and we can find the bleeding point through the disposable laparoscopic suction irrigation cannula ; flushing and suctioning the laparoscope before the surgical incision is closed can reduce the chance of infection; the suction can remove the smoke generated, Thereby improving the surgical field of vision.

Do you produce the trocar used in laparoscopic surgery?

We produce trocars for laparoscopic surgery. The gas injection valve, sealing cap, and conversion sealing cap of our trocar have good sealing performance, and there  no obvious leakage after 4KPa air pressure. The gas blocking valve of the trocar  have good gas barrier properties. After 4KPa air pressure, less than 20 bubbles will pop up. It mainly has a patented eagle mouth design, which can reduce the risk of visceral injury by expanding the tissue gap.

What's the function of the endoscopic retrieval bag in laparoscopic surgery?

The endo retrieval bag can be used to remove the resected material during surgery. The endo bags we produce are sterilized with ethylene oxide and disposable packaging. It is made of gloves and plastic. The excellent substitute of the bag can avoid the contact between the diseased tissue and the healthy tissue, which is beneficial for the removal of malignant cysts, endometrium and other resections, and reduces the infection and pathological tissue residue.

What's the speciality of your laparoscopic surgical instruments?

Endo stapler has the fourth generation reload technology, multiple models, multiple colors, and multiple choices. It can adapt to different tissue thicknesses and has better hemostatic effect.