Skin Stapler

Usage of Skin Stapler

Instruction for Use

The single use surgical skin stapler places one staple each time when the instrument is activated. The staple penetrates the skin, then forms to hold two sides of incision together.

The disposable skin stapler cannot be applied directly over bone or viscera with a distance of less than 6.5 mm from the surface of the skin to the underlying bone or viscera. When using the regular skin stapler, the distance required can be slightly reduced to at least 4.5 mm. If the required distance cannot be obtained by lifting the skin prior to application, the use of the medical staple gun is contraindicated.

Skin Stapler Features & Benefits

The medical skin stapler and Remover can be used for the closure of skin in a wide variety of surgical procedures

Rapid and convenient operation to benefit for wound healing.

Single Use device, prevent cross infection.

Regular/wide staple options, applicable for different wounds.

Skin Stapler Indications

Our medical stapler for sale and remover can be used for the closure of skin in a wide variety of surgical procedures.


Skin Stapler Model & Specification

Staple SizeCODESpan of Formed StapleHeight of
Height of
Formed Staple
WidePDSS35G1 2.1mm3.4mm4.1mm0.6mm
RegularPDSS351 0.4mm2.8mm3.9mm0.5mm

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