EEA (End-End Anastomosis)(Single Use Circular Stapler)

For anastomosis of various cavities, two rows of circular cross-stitched staples can be driven into the cavity tissue to sew the two layers of cavity tissue together. The built-in circular knife cuts off excess tissue to form a circular anastomosis. At present, it is mainly used for end-to-end anastomosis and end-to-side anastomosis of the digestive tract such as the esophagus, stomach, and intestine.


The broken end of the intestinal tube to be anastomosed should be fully free and stripped at least 2 cm; exit the end to end stapler gently, and check whether the cut tissue is a complete ring; the stitch length of the purse suture does not exceed 0.5 cm, margin 2 ~ 3 mm, too much tissue is easily embedded in the anastomosis, hindering the anastomosis, be careful not to miss the mucosa.

Surgical end to end staplers can be used to establish end-to-end bowel anastomosis in a variety of ways. The advantages of anastomosis are fast speed, high tensile strength, and low inflammation. The main disadvantage is the high cost of instruments and ink cartridges; some procedures also require familiar and experienced equipment to perform properly. In addition, the small size of the small intestine may limit the application of the stapler.

Intestinal anastomosis techniques include :

• End-to-end triangle anastomosis using TA stapler (Single Use Linear Stapler)

•End-to-end or side-to-side functional anastomosis using GIA (Single Use Linear Cutting Stapler)and TA stapler (Single Use Linear Stapler)

• Inverted end-to-end anastomosis using EEA (Single Use Circular Stapler)and TA staplers (Single Use Linear Stapler)

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