ENDO GIA(Single Use Endoscopic Linear Cutting Stapler)

Most endoscopic cartridges can change direction and operate more flexibly in a narrow surgical space; a disposable safety device is provided to avoid secondary firing during use and ensure safe operation; at the same time, wide jaws of the reload can facilitate the organization of tissues; this type of stapler has a total of 6 rows of staples, and there is a blade in the reload. While stapling, the blade cuts the tissue from the middle, so that 3 rows of staples on each side can complete the functions of suture and hemostasis; In addition, there is now electric endoscopic stapler, which is more convenient than manual operations when cutting.


  • Before opening the stapler, you must remove the excess tissue and the organ that is expected to be removed along the edge of the device's hook. After sterilizing the reloading end with iodine, remove the stapler.

  • Ensure that the anastomosis is tension-free;

  • Ensure anastomotic blood supply;

  • It is necessary to select reload of the corresponding staple leg length according to the tissue thickness and advance the blade to cut off in the middle of the titanium staple.

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