GIA (Single Use Linear Cutting Staple)

This stapler can simultaneously insert three rows of cross-studded staples on both sides of the tissue, and then use a push knife to cut between the already sewed tissues on both sides to cut and suture the tissue. The GIA surgical stapler is suitable for thoracic surgery, general surgery, urology, obstetrics, and gynecology, such as lobectomy, gastrointestinal anastomosis, etc.

GIA stapling device has larger jaws to help adjust the position, which helps to adjust the position. Many GIA firing button designs are operable on both sides. At the same time, GIA linear stapler is generally equipped with different lengths of staple cartridges, suitable for different GIA stapler surgery.

Precautions of GIA Stapler Use

  • Do not open the instrument immediately after firing. Keep the instrument in the closed state for 15-20 seconds to enhance the hemostatic effect.

  • Once the firing process is pushed to the end, there is no stopping during the firing;

  • Place the tissue to be fired within the scale (especially pay attention to the end of the tissue) to avoid invalid operations;

  • Proper use of the semi-locking device requires that the tissue to be fired is smooth without wrinkles and folds.

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