Hemorrhoid Banding Surgery Therapy

Hemorrhoid banding surgery is a method of ligating the base of hemorrhoids with silk thread, catgut or latex ring to cause avascular necrosis of the hemorrhoids, and then they will fall off and be healed.


Hemorrhoid banding surgery is also called rubber band ligation, whose specific operation is to wrap a special rubber band around the root of the hemorrhoid to make its natural necrosis, shrink and falling off, and the rubber band is also discharged with the feces. The advantages are simple implementation, no pain and no hospitalization. However, its disadvantage is that it can only be applied to small hemorrhoids, and the fourth-degree hemorrhoids cannot be treated with this method.


Although many patients choose to use hemorrhoid ligation therapy for treating hemorrhoids, but patients in hemorrhoid surgery are under relatively large pressure, like worrying about surgery pain, intraoperative bleeding, slow postoperative recovery and so on. However, excessive psychological pressure has a certain adverse effect on the smooth operation. Therefore, the medical staff of the hospital must make full communication with the patients before the hemorrhoid ligation therapy, so as to pacify the tension and anxiety of the patients.


Introduction to hemorrhoid banding surgery therapy

To ligate the root of hemorrhoids with medicated thread or thick silk thread or rubber ring, the common methods are penetrating ligation, rubber ring ligation and so on.


(1) Penetrating ligation method: Use silk thread to penetrate the root of the hemorrhoid to block the circulation of blood in the diseased part, so as to achieve the purpose of necrosis and shedding of hemorrhoids.


Indications: Hemorrhoids in stage II and III, especially fibrous internal hemorrhoids are more suitable.


Contraindications: Perianal acute and chronic inflammation, acute and chronic dysentery, diarrhea, infiltrating tuberculosis, severe liver and kidney disease, hypertension, patients with various blood diseases and pregnant women in labor.


(2) Rubber ring ligation method: with the aid of hemorrhoid suction ligator, the small latex loop is looped into the root of hemorrhoids, and the blood supply of hemorrhoids is blocked by using the tightening force after expansion of the rubber ring, so that the blood supply of hemorrhoids is blocked, and the necrosis and shedding of hemorrhoids are caused.


Indications: Internal hemorrhoids of stage II and III and internal hemorrhoids of internal as well as external hemorrhoids.


Contraindication: the same as penetrating ligation method.

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