Hemorrhoids Ligation Therapy

Ligation therapy for hemorrhoids has become the mainstream method of clinical treatment of hemorrhoids. With the advancement of medical technology, ligation therapy has been continuously improved and innovated, and from traditional ligation to automatic ligation.

Although the method of traditional ligation is simple, the operation is time-consuming, laborious, and difficult to reveal. Generally, 2 to 3 people are required to cooperate to complete the treatment. Moreover, due to the difficulty of operation and revealing, it is easy to cause misoperation and complications.

Subsequently, the hemorrhoid ligator came into being. According to the working principle, it can be roughly divided into the following types: ①External negative pressure ②Built-in negative pressure ③Aprons have been applied ④Aprons are now applied ⑤Auto elastic line.

Automatic ligation is the use of a specially designed hemorrhoid suction ligator to automatically complete the process of hemorrhoid tissue inhalation and apron ligation or elastic thread ligation, thereby simplifying the operation steps. It has the characteristics of "simplicity, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and inspection" and is widely used at home and abroad.

According to the ligation position, the disposable hemorrhoid ligator can be divided into hemorrhoid base ligation and hemorrhoid mucosa ligation.

The hemorrhoid base ligation method is to cover the base of internal hemorrhoids with a rubber ring or elastic thread, and block the blood supply of internal hemorrhoids by elastic bundle ligation force of rubber ring or elastic line, so as to make internal hemorrhoids ischemic, necrotic, and fall off, and make local fibrous tissue hyperplasia. Finally, the purpose of fixing the surrounding tissues is achieved.

The hemorrhoid mucosa ligation method does not directly ligate hemorrhoids, but through the ligation of local mucosa on hemorrhoids, so that the anal pad is lifted up. The local inflammatory reaction makes the mucosa and submucosa connected with the superficial muscle layer, so the anal pad is fixed at a higher position.

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