Introduction and Application Scope of PPH Technology

PPH, also known as "hemorrhoids mucosal circumcision", is a new technology based on the new understanding of the pathogenesis of hemorrhoids caused by anal cushion lesions.

PPH surgery uses a special instrument called a disposable hemorrhoid stapler to make a circular resection of the rectal mucosa above the hemorrhoids. During the operation, the anus is expanded first, and the rectal mucosa is sutured in a circle about 4 cm above the dentate line (the boundary between the rectum and the anal canal), and then the disposable hemorrhoids stapler is inserted into the anus. The prolapsed mucosa can be removed by stapler for hemorrhoids and the whole process only takes about half an hour. There is almost no pain after the operation, the reason is that the rectal mucosa above the dentate line is innervated by the visceral nerve. In addition, the operation not only removes the rectal mucosal prolapse zone, but also blocks the terminal anastomotic branches of the arteries and veins of the distal rectum, and eliminates the root cause of hemorrhoids, so it has the characteristics of quick effect, quick recovery and no pain after operation.

Scope of Application of PPH Technology:

It has a very ideal therapeutic effect on internal hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, ring hemorrhoids, severe hemorrhoid prolapse, prolapse and so on. Prolapsed hemorrhoids, namely hemorrhoids in stage Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ or mixed hemorrhoids mainly internal hemorrhoids, using PPH minimally invasive and painless technology, has obvious advantages in the treatment of prolapsed anus, such as small trauma, quick recovery, and not easy to relapse. PPH minimally invasive technology, the operation is a kind of hemorrhoidal circular stapler of special surgical instruments. Through circular resection of rectal mucosa and submucosa tissue, rectal prolapse can be effectively treated. In particular, hemorrhoids with a circular ring are especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, white-collar workers who pay attention to efficiency, and those who have relapsed in traditional treatment, as well as patients with mild prolapse and rectal mucosal prolapse.

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