Minimally Invasive Instruments and Methods for Implant Insertion

Minimally invasive instruments and methods are provided to insert one or more implants into the surgical site of a patient during the surgical procedure, which includes a minimally invasive surgical procedure. The reduced contour direction of the implant can be installed on the instrument, and can be manipulated to the required direction with the insertion instrument after insertion.

Here's the introduction of minimally invasive surgical instruments and methods.

1. A kind of surgical instrument components for fixing the implant on the vertebrae includes an inserting device of proximal handle assembly, a shaft assembly that can be operatively connected between the handle assembly and a distal bracket assembly.And this bracket assembly can be detachably connected to the implant, and can remotely move the assembly together with the handle assembly to keep the implant along an orientation in the any number of implant shafts. The driving instrument is engageable with the holder assembly and is adapted to transmit the driving force to the implant along the implant axis when the holder assembly is engaged with the implant.

2. The shaft assembly extends along the longitudinal axis of the insertion device, and the retainer assembly is movable on an implant axis at an angle relative to the longitudinal axis.

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