New Techniques for Circumcision

With the development of the society and medical technology, more attentions are drawn to the necessity and importance of the treatment of phimosis and redundant prepuce. Redundant prepuce not only affects normal penile development, but also causes a series of diseases including prostatitis, urinary tract infection, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, penile cancer as well as diseases of the human female reproductive system and cervical cancer. With the effective application of disposable circumcision stapler in clinical practices, the treatment of phimosis and redundant prepuce has entered the age of minimally invasive surgery, which brings lots of convenience to the patients. The advantage of this operation is that suture is completed at the same time when the prepuce is cut, and absorbable stitches are used. Moreover, the recovery time is short and appearance of prepuce after treatment is beautiful.

Ⅰ. Introduction to disposable circumcision stapler

Disposable circumcision stapler is currently a world leading technology for circumcision, and it integrates modern medical technology with cosmetic surgery, being a new physical therapy for reproductive health. The inner and outer rings of the disposable circumcision stapler are made of nano plastics, which have antibacterial and bactericidal effects. The connection part is sealed and prepuce is clamped firmly by outer and inner ring. By this way, it can intercept the blood circulation of prepuce, then redundant prepuce can be shed off naturally, which helps solve the problems encountered in the conventional circumcision operations.

Ⅱ. Outstanding advantages of disposable circumcision stapler:

1. The operation time is short, safe and pain-free: the operation time is only 3-5 minutes, safe and painless

2. No surgery, no bleeding, no sutures and bandaging, dissolvable stitches, bath allowed after operation, does not affect normal life and work

3. Integrates cosmetic plastic surgery, and leave no scars

4. Improve sexual performance, solve problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction

5. Activate genital tissues and prompt secondary development

6. Prevention of male and female diseases: It can prevent male urethritis, glans inflammation and canceration. At the same time, it can avoid cross-contamination and prevent gynecological diseases

7. Prevention of HIV:According to the world health organization AIDS center, penile foreskin contains a lot of HIV target cells, and circumcision can reduce the HIV infection rate by more than 60%

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