Linear Stapler

Usage of Linear Stapler

Instruction for Use

  • The single-use GIA linear stapler is not designed, sold, or intended for use except as indicated.

  • The disposable linear stapler and reload should not be used on tissue which would not be able to tolerate conventional suture materials or conventional closure techniques.

  • The GIA linear stapler must not be used if the retaining pin cannot be positioned securely in the retaining pin receiving hole on the anvil. Failure to position the retaining pin may result in improperly formed staples and a compromised staple line and may cause bleeding, leakage or disruption of the staple line.

  • Tissue thickness should be carefully evaluated before firing any stapler. 

  • The surgical linear stapler should not be used on organic tissues, such as liver, spleen, or kidney as compressing the tissue may be destructive.

Linear Stapler Features & Benefits

Patented 3 rows of staple line design

Excellent hemostatic effect, better blood supply.

Patented 3 rows of staple line design
Alignment pin design

Accurate fixation, ensure good staple formation

Alignment pin design
Segmental firing

More safe in second close.

Segmental firing

Linear Stapler Uses

The disposable linear stapler has applications in abdominal, gynecological, pediatric and thoracic surgical procedures for resection or transection of tissue.


Linear Stapler Model & Specification

Item CodeSuture
Staper LineStaple QtyStaple HeightFormation HeightColor

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