The Application Scope and Advantages of the Circumcision Stapler

Balanitis or phimosis is one of the root causes of male urological and sexually transmitted diseases. Balanitis or phimosis can cause urethritis infections, leading to symptoms such as chronic prostatitis, lower back pain, impotence, premature ejaculation, and more. Therefore, one of the measures to prevent these diseases is to remove excessive foreskin or phimosis.

Under what circumstances can we use the circumcision stapler?

The following conditions allow the use of the circumcision stapler to perform foreskin circumcision:

  • For men with excessive foreskin, although it can be turned over, there is an obvious narrow ring that can easily cause foreskin blockage.

  • For those who have repeated foreskin circumcisions and abnormally persistent penile erections.

  • For those with chronically inflammatory thickening of the foreskin, penile erection can cause foreskin cracking, affecting sexual intercourse or showing a tendency to cover the foreskin.

  • For those who request surgery due to cosmetic and religious reasons.

The circumcision stapler can simultaneously cut and suture the foreskin, preserving an appropriate amount of inner plate and thread length, greatly shortening the operation time, simplifying the procedure, and making the edge of the incision more aesthetically appealing without leaving any residue. This also minimizes the harm and pain to patients, significantly reduces the amount of surgical blood loss and postoperative complications, and shortens the healing time of the incision. The greatest advantage of using circular stapler circumcision is that it is similar to traditional surgery in terms of aesthetics and postoperative discomfort, and it may even be better than traditional surgery.

Advantages of circumcision stapler

The circumcision stapler makes the tedious and complicated foreskin circumcision procedure simple, convenient, fast, and safe. It also solves the two major problems caused by the use of the circumcision stapler, namely, foreskin swelling, hematoma, and pain. This provides good and favorable conditions for complex operations and inexperienced physicians, allowing some surgeries that cannot be performed under normal conditions to be performed. Using the circumcision stapler is fast, easy, and stable, and does not require hospitalization or affect work.

The advantages of the circumcision stapler are:

  • The circumcision instruments set is relatively inexpensive, with a material cost of about 1800 yuan, and some patients can afford it due to the improvement of economic level.

  • The surgical time of the circumcision stapler is the shortest, and patients are more accepting of it.

  • In traditional tissue surgeries, there is significant bleeding, and electrocoagulation or suture hemostasis may be necessary, while the circumcision stapler has minimal bleeding.

  • After routine surgery, patients cannot take a shower.

  • The circumcision stapler has the best postoperative exposure and is easy to clean.

  • Pain caused by the circumcision stapler mainly occurs within 24 hours after surgery, which can generally be tolerated, and there is slight edema of the inner plate.

  • The postoperative appearance of the circumcision stapler is smooth and aesthetically appealing.

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