The Development of Minimally Invasive Instruments in China

Many years ago, minimally invasive surgery was rare in China. This is mainly due to the lack of supporting minimally invasive surgical instruments at that time. In recent years, China has encouraged the development of the minimally invasive surgical instruments industry, and has had some domestic minimally invasive surgical instruments with independent intellectual property rights.


The presence of domestic minimally invasive instruments not only fill in the market gap, but also break the long-term monopoly of European and American major companies on Chinese minimally invasive surgical instruments market.


At present, the domestic production of minimally invasive surgical instruments have several series and hundreds of specifications of minimally invasive instruments, including: drug stent, coronary stent system, balloon dilation catheter, angiographic catheter, guide catheter, abdominal aortic aneurysm and other artificial vascular stent, various kinds of minimally invasive surgical instruments, such as stent and stent placement device, retractor for cardiothoracic surgery and cervical disc prosthesis.


These products have not only been applied in hundreds of hospitals across the nation, but also passed the certification of European Union, Japan and other countries, and successfully entered the western market.

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