The Function of Surgical Stapler

The surgical stapler is the first stapler in the world. It has been used in gastrointestinal anastomosis for nearly a century. Until 1978, tubular stapler was widely used in gastrointestinal surgery. It is generally divided into single-use or multiple-use stapler, imported or domestic stapler. The surgical stapler is used to replace the traditional manual suture. With the development of modern science and technology and the improvement of manufacturing technology, the surgical stapler used in the clinic is reliable in quality, convenient in use, tight, and suitable in tightness. Especially, its advantages of fast suture, simple operation and few side effects and surgical complications enable the tumor surgery which can not be removed in the past to have precursory resection. In addition, it is very popular and respected by clinical surgeons at home and abroad.

There are types of surgical staplers and they have also enabled the removal of lesions from previously unresectable tumors. The common surgical staplers include a circular stapler of the digestive tract (esophagus, gastrointestinal, etc. ), rectal stapler, hemorrhoidal circular stapler, circular stapler, circumcision stapler, vascular stapler, hernia stapler, lung cutting stapler, etc.

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