Victor Medical undertake conference of drafting industry standard

28th Fri to 1st March, the 1st conference of drafting “TC94 2019 industry-standard < Endoscopic Linear cutting stapler and components > was held successfully in Changzhou. It marks the official start of the formulation and revision of the endoscopic linear cutting stapler and components, Victor Medical as the head drafting member of the manufacturer to undertake the conference.

The preparatory seminar of drafting issues which hold on 28th Fri, Shanghai Medical Instruments Testing Administration alliance with Victor Medical Instrument Co., Ltd, and some other main drafting members to acquire details of revising endoscopic linear cutter standards suggestions from each company. The details including production technology level and key technical indicators and so on. The similar attended by China Surgical Instruments Standardization Administration, Shanghai Instruments Testing Administration, Jiangsu Province Medical Instruments Testing Administration, and so on, total 5 standardization administrations and 16 endoscopic linear cutter manufacturers.

Mr. Qi Xia deputy director of Shanghai Instruments Testing Administration & Mr. Jiang Shihua general manager of Victor Medical Instruments Co., Ltd gave brief speeches. Mr. Jiang Shihua points out that we hope to push China endoscopic linear cutting stapler to develop healthy by revising the standardization. Our purpose is to serve the medical industry, surgeons, and patients’ trust, the supervision department's trust.

The 1st drafting conference was held on 1st March, the conference contents including: “Endoscopic linear cutter stapler” standardization draft discussion & task allocation. Shanghai Medical Instruments Administration & Victor Medical Instruments Co., Ltd, and the other 5 units attended the drafting conference.

Victor Medical will never forget our brief, based on the fundamentals, keep making efforts on endoscopic linear cutting stapler ordered and healthy development.

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