Analysis of the Current Status and Supply-Demand of the Laparoscopic Stapler Industry Market in 2021

The laparoscopic stapler is one of the important instruments for laparoscopic surgery, replacing traditional manual suturing by using titanium staples to cut or suture tissues. It is user-friendly and can greatly shorten surgical time. The laparoscopic stapler makes difficult sutures in small and deep surgical sites easier and more accurate, reliable, and reduces the incidence of anastomotic leakage.

According to the different power transmission methods, the stapler can be divided into manual and electric types. Unlike the mechanical control of traditional manual laparoscopic staplers, the electric laparoscopic stapler cuts between two staplers using power control while firing the staplers. The electric laparoscopic stapler can insert two rows of three staggered staples on both sides, and is equipped with a disposable lithium battery.

Laparoscopic surgery is a newly developed minimally invasive method and is an inevitable trend in the development of future surgical methods. With the rapid development of industrial manufacturing technology and the integration of related disciplines, new technologies and methods have been established, and doctors' increasingly skilled operations have replaced many open surgeries with intracavitary surgery, greatly increasing the opportunity for surgery selection. The traditional method of later laparoscopic surgery is to make three 1 cm small incisions on the patient's waist, each inserting a tubular working channel called "trocar", and all operations are performed through these three channels; then the special extended surgical instruments are used to complete the same steps as open surgery under TV monitoring, achieving the same surgical effect.

Laparoscopic technology is most suitable for treating certain benign diseases and early tumors, such as opening liver cysts, colon tumor resection, hiatus hernia repair, gastric folding surgery, extraperitoneal hernia repair, smooth muscle tumor Excision, digestive tract cancer, repair of gastrointestinal perforation, and release of adhesive intestinal obstruction have unique therapeutic effects. In addition, minimally invasive treatment can be performed for diseases such as thyroid, breast, lower limb varicose veins, and splenectomy caused by various reasons, with significant effect.

The stapler has undergone multiple design improvements since its birth, from the original medical "stapler" to the stapler, and after two technological stages of the first generation of open staplers and the second generation of laparoscopic staplers, it has entered the third generation of the electric laparoscopic stapler era. Compared with manual staplers, the electric laparoscopic stapler has better hemostatic effect, so it has been promoted in clinical and economic value.

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