Disposable Hemorrhoid Ligator, A New Artifact to Defeat Hemorrhoids

When it comes to hemorrhoids, many people maybe dislike it. Although it is not a major problem, once it occurs, it can be really torturous.

As the saying goes, "nine out of ten people have hemorrhoids", hemorrhoids are the most common anorectal disease, which can occur at any age. With the continuous improvement of living conditions, the incidence rate of hemorrhoids is also increasing. Hemorrhoids bother people and affect their normal work, study, and life. Patients with hemorrhoids are easy to be ignored in the early stage and often come to see a doctor after a serious condition. At this time, the best period of conservative treatment has been missed. Only by doing surgical treatment can solve the fundamental problem.

Instructions for Use of Hemorrhoid Ligator

1.     Take the knee-thoracic or lateral position, and routinely disinfect the skin before surgery;

2.     Apply lubricant to the outer wall of the inner and outer tubes of the anoscope, slowly push it into the anus, and take out the inner tube of the anoscope to reveal the dentate line and internal hemorrhoids. Rotate the outer tube of the anoscope to expose the lesion to the notch;

3.     Fully contact the nozzle of the hemorrhoid suction ligator with the hemorrhoids, activate the negative pressure suction device, and then close the exhaust port switch to suck the hemorrhoids into the nozzle;

4.     Keep the negative pressure and slowly rotate the firing roller until the tension releases the ligation ring, then the ligation ring can be tightened to the root of the lesion to complete the ligation;

5.     Loosen the vent switch, release the negative pressure, and slowly move the barrel away from the ligated hemorrhoids.

Advantages of Disposable Hemorrhoid Ligator

1.     The whole process of banding therapy is automated, saving time, saving effort, practicality, and simplicity;

2.     Only one person can complete the operation, which takes only 5 to 10 minutes;

3.     No need for anesthesia, no need to be hospitalized. You can leave as soon as you are done, and the price is cheap;

4.     The pain is mild and complications are rare;

5.     No scars will be left after the operation, and the normal structure and appearance of the rectum and anal canal are not damaged, which brings great convenience to subsequent treatment.

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