Information about Disposable Circumcision Stapler

Disposable circumcision anastomosis is the international leading technology of circumcision. The inner ring and outer ring of the disposable circumcision stapler are made of nano-plastic, which has the effection of antibacterial and sterilization. It is a good way to solve a series of problems existing in traditional circumcision by sealing of the inner ring and the outer ring to block the blood circulation of its excess foreskin, making it to shrink and fall off naturally.

Clinically prove: Disposable circumcision anastomosis creates an international leading level.

1) It has short operation time, and is safe and painless: the operation only needs 3-5 minutes, no surgery, no bleeding, no sutures and bandaging, minimally invasive, safe, and painless.

2) Do not affect normal work and life,   recovery quickly after surgery : operation can be offered at all seasons,  bath available after surgery. There is no need to rest in bed or in hospital. Without any side effects.

3) No scars after circumcision stapler surgery, it looks natural and beautiful: The ring can be removed after 7 days of the operation, and the foreskin can easily fall off. The postoperative appearance is neat and beautiful because of no scars, little blood loss and stitches don't have to be removed after sugery.

4) Conducive to the secondary development of the (penis): Using disposable circumcision stapler to activate the (penis) stem cell tissue to get secondary development.

5) Enhance sexual function and prevent other diseases:taking disposable circumcision and anastomosis can improve sexual function; solve the problems in varies degrees such as premature ejaculation, not being firm, prevent male prostatitis, etc.

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