Laparoscopic Stapler Components and Their Characteristics

The stapler is the first stapler in the world and has been used for gastrointestinal anastomosis for nearly a century. It is generally divided into one-time or multiple-use staplers. It is a device used in medicine to replace traditional manual suturing. Due to the development of modern technology and the improvement of production technology, the quality of staplers currently used in clinical practice is reliable.

Ⅰ. Composition of laparoscopic stapler

The laparoscopic stapler consists of a firing part and a stapling component.

Ⅱ. Specifications and models of laparoscopic stapler

Laparoscopic staplers are classified into A (standard type)-160mm, B (extended type)-260mm, and C (short rod type)-70mm according to the body length.

A, B, and C stapler components are classified according to the length of the staples, and are divided into 30mm, 45mm, and 60mm;

According to the type of components, it is divided into A (straight head type staple cartridge) and B (rotary staple cartridge);

According to the height of staples, they can be divided into unequal height nails and flat flat nails;

According to the height of the staple cartridge, it can be divided into: gray, white, blue, gold, green

Ⅲ. Characteristics of laparoscopic stapler

1. Disposable cutting blade, which can be replaced with the nail lock at the same time, the blade is always sharp, the tissue can be cut completely, and tissue damage can be reduced.

2. Regardless of the type of nail gate, it provides six rows of nail seams, ensuring the stability of endoscopic surgery.

3. Symmetrical ergonomic design, both left and right hands can complete the operation independently.

4. Equipped with a locking device to avoid secondary triggering of the used nail brake, and the operation is stable.

5. The wide opening in the front section of the nail gate is convenient for tissue inclusion. The slim nail anvil design can enter smoothly without separating a larger gap, reducing tissue damage.

6. The same device can be used with all types of nail brakes, reducing complicated operations.

7. The device can replace components in the same operation, reducing medical costs.

Ⅳ. Scope of application of laparoscopic stapler

The laparoscopic stapler is suitable for the tissue dissection, resection and anastomosis of the digestive tract during surgical operations.

Ⅴ. Advantages of laparoscopic disposable stapler

With the rapid development of modern medicine, the development of medical equipment has also made a qualitative leap. Various medical equipment have been developed, but there are many kinds of medical equipment that can be used in modern medicine, sometimes even though the two equipments are very similar, they cannot be mixed. Such inattention will cause big problems.

Compared with traditional manual suturing, disposable staplers have the following advantages:

1. One-time use to avoid cross-infection.

2. Use titanium nails or stainless steel nails (skin stapler) to suture tightly and moderately tight.

3. It has few side effects and effectively reduces surgical complications.

Disposable stapler is easy to use, tight and suitable for tightness, especially its fast suturing, easy operation and few side effects and surgical complications. favor and admiration.

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