Product Features of the Surgical Stapler

1. Our surgical stapler technology makes suturing and handling safer and is more reliable.

2. The curved shape of the staple box with different staple heights, from the inner line to the outer line in three lines of low, medium and high; reduces the risk of bleeding and ensure shorter blood supply to tissues and patient recovery time.

3. Rotating cartridges for greater flexibility in confined operating spaces.

4. New blades can be used for each use of the loading unit to provide sharpness and ensure complete tissue cutting, reducing tissue damage.

5. All cartridges are made of six lines of staple thread to maximize the safety of the anastomoses and closures.

6. The same distance control techniques to ensure that the same staple formation is maintained from beginning to end.

7. Use safe lockers to prevent accidental combustion of cartridges after use.

8. The blade position indicator indicates the position of the blade, making the operation safe.

9. The low anvil design allows for easy access to instruments and minimizes tissue damage.

10. Wider opening of the instrument jaws facilitates tissue consolidation.

11. It has variable sizes and types of cartridges that can be used for surgical operations.

12. One stapler can hold different sizes and types of boxes.

13. A symmetrical ergonomic design allows either hand to operate the device.

14. The axis can be rotated 360 degrees for better control of endoscopic surgery.

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