Structure of Disposable Circular Surgical Stapler

The cartridge device of the disposable circular surgical stapler comprises a cartridge body, a cutting knife and an anvil. Even if the geometric dimension of the staple has small change, the staple can also be safely located in the anvil hole through the guidance of the guide wall, making it well formed.

The connecting structure of the trocar and the staple base of the disposable circular surgical stapler, one of the disposable surgical instruments, includes the staple base and the trocar. The staple base is fixed with a clamp spring, the trocar is inserted within the clamp spring, and the clamp spring closely clamps the trocar. Relying on the spring force of the clamp spring, the staple base can be connected with or separated from the trocar reliably, which is safe to use and convenient to install.

The variable-speed adjusting screw device of the disposable circular surgical stapler includes a stapler body, a knob body rotatably connected with the stapler body, and a screw rod threaded with the knob body. The screw rod is inserted in the inner cavity of the stapler body, and the front part of the screw rod is connected with the central rod in the inner cavity of the stapler body. The screw rod has a first connected thread section and a second thread section, wherein the pitch of the first thread section is larger than that of the second thread section. It can quickly shorten the distance between the cartridge and the staple base. When the distance is shortened, the second thread section slides relative to the knob body, making the screw move slower when the knob is turned, which is conducive to the operation of the digestive tract, and convenient for operation and time saving.

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