There Are Many Uses for a Small Attractor. Do You Know How to Use It?

Laparoscopic suction irrigation devices are also known as flush suction devices, and its most basic role is to flush and suck. These two operations seem to be simple; the thumb can be completed by pushing and pulling, but it needs repeated practice to master. When beginners use it, they often don't know what to do. Either the aspirator will rapidly reduce the abdominal pressure as soon as it enters the abdominal cavity, or it will be sucked into the surrounding tissues at the beginning of suction, which will affect the smooth operation of the operation.

The following is an example of the use of suction and flushing techniques.

1. Suction: For example, when sucking the pelvic irrigation fluid, the laparoscopic suction irrigation cannula should not be submerged too deep into the fluid. The better way is to just touch the fluid level. As the liquid level decreases during the suction process, the suction device should be slowly advanced. In this way, we can see the tissue around the suction head and avoid blocking the aspirator by inhaling the fimbria end or omental tissue. When there is a lot of blood in the pelvic and abdominal cavity of ectopic pregnancy, it is necessary to suck the blood clot. The reason is that the cavity of the suction lever is at the front end and the metal tube is small, the blood clot is easily blocked here. At this time, the aspirator control lever can be removed, and the metal tube at the front end of the aspirator can be directly connected with the plastic suction tube for suction so that the bleeding clot can be sucked quickly. In the process of aspirating a small amount of oozing blood, it is necessary to avoid a decrease in abdominal pressure due to continuous aspiration. At this time, a quick suction and quick return operation can be used to inflate the oozing blood for a certain period of time to avoid a decrease in abdominal pressure.

2. Flushing: the purpose of flushing is different, and the way of using a laparoscopic suction irrigator is also different. When the abdominal cavity is flushed after the operation or the tissue around the ureter is cooled during the ureteral separation process, the large aspirator can be directly opened. In order to expose the small bleeding point, it is necessary to flush or even drip water gently, and then electrocoagulation should be carried out immediately after the bleeding point is exposed.

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