Types of Surgical Staplers

According to the needs of different surgical sites, there are different types of surgical stapling devices, such as straight, curved, bendable. Each type has different sizes to fit different calibers of the digestive tract.


Circular stapler technique: TST (open loop minimally invasive hemorrhoid stapler), PPH (supra-hemorrhoid mucosal loop) Selective supra-hemorrhoid mucosal anastomosis, which preserves the mucosal portion without hemorrhoidal tissue PPH i.e. anastomotic hemorrhoids Circumcision, indicated for all types of hemorrhoids, especially severe internal hemorrhoids and partial rectal mucosal prolapse. The principle is that the anal cushion is preserved and the anastomosis is performed instantaneously while the partial internal hemorrhoids and the supra- and submucosal mucosa are circumferentially excised and anastomosed.


Surgical principle of PPH stapler: the use of a special circular anastomosis inserted through the rectum, circular resection of the lower rectum of the intestinal wall of the mucosa and submucosal tissue, and anastomosis at the same time in the resection, so that the prolapse of the anal cushion up, to restore the normal anatomical position of the anal cushion, the role of "suspension"; at the same time cut off the arterial blood supply hemorrhoid branches, the role of "cut off", so as to achieve the goal of radical cure.


TST surgical principle: TST surgery follows the mechanism of the formation of human hemorrhoids, according to the physiological and pathological structure of the hemorrhoids designed to correct the physiological changes in the hemorrhoids. It is not necessary to remove the entire anal cushion, but rather to correct the pathophysiological changes in hemorrhoid, preserving the normal anal cushion and mucosal bridges and reducing the need for surgery. Trauma to maximize the preservation of fine sensation and contractile function of the anus. Minimize post-operative anal discomfort, shorten the treatment time, make hemorrhoid surgery more minimally invasive. TST, also known as selective hemorrhoid upper mucosal anastomosis, is regarded as "the safest minimally invasive technique" by the anorectal diagnosis and treatment circles. The TST minimally invasive procedure utilizes a special proctoscope that creates different open-loop windows and uses anastomotic probes to target hemorrhoids.

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