What is the Principle of the Disposable Circumcision Stapler?

Introduction to the principle of disposable circumcision stapler: use the inner ring and outer ring to block the blood circulation of the redundant foreskin, connect the inner and outer plates of the skin, and let it shrink and fall off naturally.

Circumcision is one of the earliest surgical operations carried out by human beings. An ideal adult circumcision should be simple, safe, require no sutures, light pain, low complication rate, fast wound healing, high cosmetic satisfaction, and cost. Low cost, easy standardization of surgical procedures and training. Compared with the traditional circumcision method, the disposable circumcision stapler invented by Shang Jianzhong has significant advantages: minimally invasive, simple, seamless and less painful, and the operation can be completed in only 3-5 minutes , You can take a bath after the operation, you can work normally, there is no obvious scar, postoperative bleeding is rare, you can not take antibiotics, and the circumcision can be removed about a week after the operation.

Of course, this is of benefit to us surgeons. Because doctors can be relieved from heavy and long-term complicated operations, they have more time to think and improve the level of surgery and diagnosis and treatment.

The circumcision device has a standardized surgical standardization plan and strict surgical indications, and the surgical effect is good, which helps to further reduce the incidence of complications of adult male circumcision, and is conducive to the promotion of circumcision in China!

In addition, it should be pointed out that this operation is not an absolute "master key" and should be divided into two and treated dialectically. For example, friends who have phimosis and extensive adhesions, short foreskin frenulum, scoliosis and deformity of penis, foreskin and frenulum lacerations, and narrow scars on the inner and outer plates of the foreskin are not suitable for this operation. Local anesthesia is still recommended. Sleeve circumcision, so that the amount and scope of resection can be accurately determined according to the actual situation during the operation, and fine plastic surgery can be performed at the same time. Surgery such as hypospadias is performed at the same time! Therefore, any kind of surgery is not a panacea, absolute, mainly depends on the actual needs of the disease!

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