What is Minimally Invasive Surgery?

For patients that requires surgeries, we constantly seek ways to alleviate discomfort, reduce anesthesia time, and speed up recovery. Minimally invasive instruments can be used in many minimally invasive procedures, and we are accepting the advantages of this cutting-edge technology. It is usually applied in large, referral, and specialized hospitals to provide minimally invasive surgeries.


Minimally invasive surgeries usually use endobag laparoscopy or arthroscopy to observe the structure of the body, rather than entering the body cavity through a large incision. Endoscopes and arthroscopes contain a high-definition lens at the end of a flexible or rigid tube, which can be inserted into a body cavity (such as a chest, abdomen, or joint) through a small incision, usually less than one inch. The lens transmits the image to the display that the surgeon can view, and can inject air or water into the area to improve visibility. More instruments can be inserted into the body cavity through additional small incisions, or through an endoscope or arthroscopic tube to make an incision, collect tissue samples, and place ligatures.


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