Application of Trocar and Disposable Blood Sampler in Critically Ill Patients

As a replacement product for scalp needles, medical trocars have been widely used in European and American countries in the 1930s. In recent years, medical trocars have been widely used in clinical practice due to their unique advantages in the rescue and treatment of critically ill patients. With the continuous updating of the level of medical technology, the blood collection method of disposable blood collection device gradually replaces the traditional blood collection method. In the rescue of critically ill patients, the medical trocar and disposable blood collection device are combined to operate, and a large number of blood samples are collected while the venous channel is quickly established to save the lives of patients.

1. Methods

The blood vessels which are relatively thick and straight, elastic, rich blood flow, without vein valve, avoiding joints and easy to fix and avoid the joint should be chosen. The superficial veins of the forearm of the upper limbs and the veins of the back of the hands are ideal positions. Routine disinfection of the puncture site, remove the trocar surgical instrument from the packaging bag, rotate the outer sleeve, and insert the needle straight into the vein at an angle of 15° to 30°. After seeing the blood return, press down and insert a little bit. Fix the needle core with your right hand. The core is the support, and the catheter is sent into the vein with the help of the needle core. After the operation, the needle core is pulled out and fixed with a sterile transparent paste. Firstly, sterilize the heparin cap, take out the blood collection needle from the packaging bag, straighten the rubber tube, take out the sheath, stab the No. 7 needle into the heparin cap, and then obliquely insert the No. 9 tail needle into the depression in the middle of the rubber plug of the blood collection vessel (disinfect the depression before inserting). The blood will flow into the test tube automatically. When the blood volume reaches the required amount, reverse fold the blood collection needle hose, and then pull out the blood collection needle to let all the blood in the hose flow into the blood collection vessel. At this time, the trocar surgical instrument can be directly connected to the infusion liquid.

2. Advantages

(1) "Time is life" in emergency work. This method is simple, convenient, and fast, and it buys time for emergency patients.

(2) One blood vessel completes two operations, which not only protects the blood vessel, but also relieves the pain of repeated puncture and reduces the patient's fear.

(3) If patients without any drug treatment before blood samples, the infusion and medication factors on the determination results can be reduced.The influence of infusion and medication factors on the determination results can be reduced by taking blood samples before any drug treatment.

(4) To reduce the workload of nursing staff, especially if the venipuncture of patients with hemorrhagic shock is not unsuccessful, it can increase the psychological pressure on nurses and even delay the patient's illness.

(5) When collecting blood from agitated patients, the needle is easy to pass out of the blood vessel due to the lack of cooperation. It is time-consuming and laborious to select the blood vessel again, and it is directly connected to the disposable trocar heparin cap to collect blood. The reason is that the needle silicone tube is easy to stay. The above problems can be solved by internal fixation of the blood vessel and the large diameter of the disposable trocar to facilitate blood collection.

(6) The procedure is simple, only need to connect the blood collection needle with heparin cap of disposable trocar.

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