Why Do Surgeries Require Disposable Circular Staplers?

What is a disposable circular stapler?

A disposable circular stapler is a medical alternative to traditional manual suturing. It is similar to a stapler in that it is made up of many small titanium staples that are arranged in two circles (or rows) at regular intervals on a specially designed instrument. The two legs of the titanium staples close after being activated, connecting two sections of intestines, and there is a small blade between the two circles of staples to cut the mucosa between them, completing the anastomosis.

The types of disposable circular staplers:

A medical stapler is an essential tool in surgical procedures, especially in gastrointestinal surgeries. Circular staplers come in different types, and each type suits a specific surgical requirement.

  • According to their shape: curved disposable circular staplers, straight disposable circular staplers, straight closures.

  • According to their designed use: anastomosis, closure, cutting closure, linear lateral closure.

The benefits of using a disposable circular stapler:

  • The stitching speed of the disposable circular stapler is fast, the operation is simple, and it shortens the surgical time, which is beneficial to the patient's postoperative recovery.

  • The stitching of the disposable circular stapler is precise, reducing the occurrence of surgical complications.

  • The anastomotic nail material of the disposable circular stapler is a titanium alloy, which is tissue-compatible and has fewer foreign body reactions. The anastomotic leak rate is lower than that of manual suturing.

  • The use of disposable circular staplers reduces the difficulty of surgery, making previously difficult surgeries such as ultra-low rectal cancer resection anastomosis possible.

  • The use of disposable circular staplers also allows for some new surgical methods: such as PPH (procedure for prolapse and hemorrhoids ). PPH is a method for treating severe mixed hemorrhoids. Before PPH, severe mixed hemorrhoids required excision surgery, which was highly traumatic, bleeding, and had a long surgery time, and many complications. PPH involves cutting a circle of rectal mucosa (approximately 2-4 cm above the dentate line) above the hemorrhoids prolapsing into the anus, raising the hemorrhoids into the rectum. The surgery using the disposable circular hemorrhoid stapler is simple, fast, effective, less painful, and has a fast recovery.

PPH surgical procedure:

  • After anesthesia, fully expand the anus with a specially designed anal dilator.

  • Sew a circle of purse-string suture at the dentate line 2-4cm.

  • Place the PPH disposable circular stapler and tighten the bag.

  • Activate the disposable circular stapler to remove a circle of rectal mucosa, thereby lifting the hemorrhoids into the rectum.

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