Details of the Use of Disposable Hemorrhoid Ligator

Currently, the disposable hemorrhoid ligator is a commonly used surgical equipment for treating hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoids treatment operation performed by the hemorrhoid ligator brings slight pain, and there are no complications and anesthesia required. Also, there is no need to be hospitalized, and the price is very affordable. Therefore, the hemorrhoid ligation device is currently the first choice for people to treat hemorrhoids. Next, we will introduce the details of the use of the disposable hemorrhoid ligator.

1. Tear it along the opening seal of the package, and take out the disposable hemorrhoid surgical stapler.

2. Before use, check whether the surface of the disposable hemorrhoid surgical stapler is smooth without sharp edges and burrs.

3. The patient should take the lithotomy position, knee-thoracic position or lateral position, and the surgical parts should be regularly disinfected and padded with towels.

4. Insert an anal speculum to disinfect the rectum and anal canal and expose the dentate line and internal hemorrhoids.

5. The negative pressure suction joint of the disposable hemorrhoid surgical stapler should be connected to the external negative pressure suction system. You should hold the handle with your right hand and then aim the nozzle at the target tissue. The exhaust hole on the handle should be closed by the airway switch. At this time, the target tissue can be quickly sucked into the barrel due to the suction effect of the negative pressure. Then, turn the trigger with your right thumb or forefinger to release the rubber ring and complete ligation under the action of the outer tube. Then, open the negative pressure vent to eliminate the negative pressure so that it can release the target tissue being ligated. You can follow these steps for the next ligation.

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