Elite Training in Endoscopic Thyroid Surgery——Perfect and Traceless

    From August 27 to 29, the standardized training on endoscopic thyroid surgery jointly organized by Victor Medical and Professor Wu Guoyang from Zhongshan Hospital of Xiamen University was successfully held in Xiamen, Ludao.

    At the opening ceremony, Professor Jiang Kewei from Peking University People's Hospital delivered the opening speech of this training course, expressing appreciation for the rapid organization of oral endoscopic thyroid surgery training after the epidemic situation, and wishing the live broadcast of the surgery a smooth progress.

Victor Medical Elite Training in Endoscopic Thyroid Surgery

    As the first person in China to undergo oral endoscopic thyroid surgery, Professor Wu Guoyang has rich experience in oral endoscopic thyroid surgery.This lecture is divided into two parts: on-site operation observation and explanation of operation skills of endoscopic thyroid surgery.From theory to practice, from the study of operation demonstration to the discussion of difficult problems, trainee can have a comprehensive understanding of various situations and treatment methods of endoscopic thyroid surgery.The operation demonstration adopted the "online + offline" mode. During the operation, Professor Wu Guoyang praised Wick Medical's thyroid trocar kits, which can be visually stripped under the endoscope, making the tunnel more accurate and safer.Ergonomic handle, more labor-saving peeling.The unique small head design is more suitable for the narrow space of endoscopic thyroid surgery and is more convenient to use.The widened thread design meets the special requirements of endoscopic thyroid surgery, is not easy to fall off when in use, and reduces damage.

    Professor Wu Guoyang prepared three different approaches of thyroid surgery, especially the first "transthoracic and transoral combined approach endoscopic lymph node dissection in the central and cervical regions of thyroid cancer", which lasted for more than 5 hours. The thorough lymph node dissection made the trainee and the online audience big shout smash.Although the body was a little tired, Professor Guoyang's next two cavity nail operations via oral vestibule and submental vestibule were completed in a flowing way.Three surgical demonstrations were held all day and 10 hours were busy. More than 13,000 people watched the live broadcast online. Professor Guo Yang presented the audience with a feast of oral nail surgery. The students expressed glad you came one after another!


On the second day of the training, an academic salon for endoscopic thyroid surgery was conducted.Taking the opportunity of this training course, Victor Medical has formally established the "National Endoscopic Thyroidectomy Technology Training Base" in Zhongshan Hospital of Xiamen University. Mr. Jiang Shihua, General Manager of Victor Medical, and Professor Wu Guoyang, Vice President of Zhongshan Hospital of Xiamen University jointly unveiled the base. In the future, the two sides will jointly promote the popularization and development of endoscopic thyroid surgery technology in the whole country through various forms of academic cooperation and training courses.


At the academic salon, Professor Wu Guoyang led Director Lu Yizhuo, Director Fu Jinbo and Teacher Luo Yezhe of his team to share their experiences, including: progress of thyroid surgery through oral endoscopy; Experience of Endoscopic Thyroidectomy via Axillary Approach; Endoscopic radical thyroidectomy through thoracic and breast approach and cooperation of endoscopic thyroidectomy hand or assistant.After each keynote speech, the speakers and the trainee had in-depth discussions and communication. The scene was very warm and everyone expressed that they benefited greatly.



According to the epidemiological report of thyroid gland, the incidence rate of thyroid cancer ranks fifth among malignant tumors, while the incidence rate of women is three times that of men.With the development of medical technology, compared with traditional open surgery, endoscopic thyroid surgery can achieve minimally invasive aesthetic effect on the premise of ensuring the quality of surgery, which is even more a blessing for female patients.In this training course,Victor Medical brought a variety of products.Among them,  our single use surgical wound protector has attracted the attention of many experts.Victor Medical's single use surgical wound protector can effectively protect the incision to avoid frequent entry and exit of instruments to damage the incision tissue, avoid misoperation, and enable the operator to focus more on the operation.At the same time, prevent the risk of incision infection and tumor implantation metastasis.The design of independent cover plate facilitates the requirement of establishing pneumoperitoneum twice during operation.Experts present expressed strong interest in single use surgical wound protector used in open thyroid surgery and brought several sets of samples back to the hospital for trial use.With the aim of providing overall surgical solutions and high-quality services for clinical practice, Wake Medical will, as always, make its due contribution to the reform and development of medical devices in the future.


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