Principle and Advantages of Surgical Stapler

The basic working principle of the surgical stapler: the working principle of various surgical staplers is the same as that of staplers, that is, two rows of interlaced staples are implanted into the tissue to staple the tissue with double rows of cross staples, which can tightly staple the tissue to prevent leakage; because small blood vessels can pass through the gap of B-shaped staples, they do not affect the blood supply of the suture site and its distal end.


Advantages of the surgical stapler:

1. The operation is simple and rapid, which greatly shortens the operation time;

2. The medical stapler is accurate and reliable, which can maintain good blood circulation, promote tissue healing, effectively prevent leakage, and significantly reduced the incidence of anastomotic leakage;

3. It is easy to sew and anastomose the operation field which is narrow and deep;

4. It changes the open suture or anastomosis by hand into closed suture and anastomosis, so as to reduce the risk of contaminating the operation field by using the disposable surgical stapler during the reconstruction of the digestive tract and the closure of bronchial stump;

5. It can be sutured repeatedly to avoid blood supply and tissue necrosis;

6. It makes endoscopic surgery (thoracoscopy, laparoscopy, etc. ) possible. Without the application of various endoscopic linear staplers, video-assisted thoracoscopy and laparoscopic surgery is impossible.


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