Why Use a Surgical Stapler Instead of Manual Sutures?

Nowadays, medical technology is constantly advancing, even the suturing of wounds is helped by the machine. Surgical stapling device sare particularly frequent in some gastrointestinal surgeries. But a lot of people say it was hand-stitched before, very doubt whether the stapler works really well? After all, the shape and size of the wound changes, but the stapler does not change, so it is doubtful which is better, the stapler or manual suture?


The stapler is a machine used in medicine today as an alternative to manual suturing, mainly using titanium staples to detach or staple tissue, similar to a stapler. According to the scope of application, it can be divided into skin stapler, gastrointestinal round stapler, rectal stapler, disposable circumcision stapler, vascular stapler, hernia stapler, pulmonary cutting sutures, etc. The stapler is easy to use and saves operating time compared to manual suturing. Disposable use also prevents cross-contamination. Tightly stitched together with titanium or stainless steel staples and also moderately tight, with few side effects, effectively reducing the occurrence of surgical complications. It can also enable surgical removal of tumors that were difficult to remove in the past, which is highly recommended by doctors at home and abroad.


The effect of a stapler and a manual suture is similar, but a stapler can reduce the time of surgery and the probability of complications during manual suturing, so you can be assured of a stapler.

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