The Principles and Technical Advantages of the PPH Operation

1. The Principle of PPH Operation:

A specially designed hemorrhoidal circular stapler was inserted into the rectum through the anus. The mucosa and submucosa of the lower rectal wall were excised in a circular way. At the same time, the prolapsed anal pad was lifted up and the normal anatomical position of the anal cushion was restored. At the same time, the blood branch of the artery supplying hemorrhoids was cut off to cut off the blood flow, so as to achieve the goal of radical cure.

2. Technical Advantages of PPH Operation:

Advantage One

(1) Safety: there is no need to remove the anal cushion, and the normal function of the anus is preserved to the greatest extent to avoid complications such as anal stenosis and anal incontinence.

(2) Painless: pull back the hemorrhoids that have prolapsed from the anus, and cut off the blood vessels that provide blood to the hemorrhoids, without damaging the perianal skin, so there is almost no pain after the surgery.

(3) Small trauma, quick recovery: disposable hemorrhoids stapler annular resection of mucosa for non-open wounds, less bleeding, free from postoperative dressing trouble, and can quickly restore normal life.

(4) Scope of diagnosis and treatment: annular hemorrhoids, multi valve hemorrhoids, huge isolated hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, circular hemorrhoids, incarcerated hemorrhoids, rectal mucosa prolapse, prolapse of anus and so on.

(5) Suitable for the crowd: since it causes less damage, it is especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, white-collar workers, people who have relapsed from traditional treatment, and patients with mild prolapse and rectal mucosal prolapse.

Advantage Two

1. Speed up the recovery cycle: return to normal life soon.

2. Short operation time: the whole procedure only takes about half an hour.

3. Safe and secure: avoid complications such as anal stenosis and anal incontinence.

4. Relieve pain: the disposable hemorrhoids surgical stapler minimizes the pain caused by the operation.

5. Wide range of diagnosis and treatment: it is suitable for the treatment of various hemorrhoids.

6. Suitable for many objects: this surgical method is suitable for all patients except for patients with special cases.

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