The 3rd Distributor Training
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The 3rd Distributor Training

In order to service the final customer, meet clinic requirements. Victor Medical hold the 3rd distributor training. In the warm spring, on 15th March the 24 distributors from all over China gathered in Changzhou to attend the 2 days training.


The training contents including 6 parts: Basic Anatomy、 Products Features & Operation、 Tender Points for Attention、Order Issue、Animal Tissue Experiment & Instruments Mechanical Principle. The 2-days training is very tight, but our distributor partners overcame the tired of travel and immersed into the training, also most of them got good grades in the final examination.


During the training, our distributors visited our workshop and thousands square meters clean room and 10K level testing lab. The most interesting is Victor’s automatic robot. The automatic robot can check and take photos at the same time of install staples to ensure that every reload is 100% safe. Victor is responsible for every product and every patient, so that all our distributor partners have confidence in the Victor products’ quality.


The short 2-days training, we acquired knowledge, also we acquired sincere friendship and firm faith. There is a long way to go but Victor will accompany with you. Let’s forge ahead, overcome difficulties and grow up together.