Thoracic Surgery, We Are Coming!

In recent years, with the continuous emergence of new ideas in the field of thoracic surgery at home and abroad and the continuous development of minimally invasive technology, the minimally invasive technology of thoracic surgery in China has also made rapid progress.

The live surgical operation demonstration was presented by Italian and Chinese experts, it shows: Single port thoracoscopic lobectomy, 2um Thulium laser pneumonectomy. Below the xiphoid thoracoscopic extended thymectomy, EBUS-TBNA, etc. During the live surgery, all the experts watch the surgery and have a heated discussion, many wonderful moments were applauded again and again. On 2nd day’s academic BBS all the Chinese and foreign experts have wonderful speeches on Minimally invasive surgery and comprehensive therapy for lung cancer, new progress in lung transplantation, trachea and bronchus resection and reconstruction and so on frontier issues. Also discussing the hot and difficult points of thoracic surgery.


After the 2 days meeting, the congress arranged an animal experiment. In order to help experts to demonstrate the new ideas and technologies after surgery view through practice, also help experts master new technologies better.


In order to help the experts who have not used the Victor's different types of surgical staplers have a quick understanding of the product, In the animal experiment, Victor team closely introduce the characteristics and operation of our company's endoscopic stapler. All the experts were impressed by our products’ excellent hemostatic effect, consistent B-shaped formation. The extra high 5.0mm green reload staple provides a better solution to the slit between the trachea and the hypertrophic interlobes, also have highly appraised by all the experts.

In 2018, Victor Medical with the urgency sense of hungry for knowledge, responsible sense of to serve doctors and patients in a down-to-earth manner to participate in various academic conferences. Finding moving direction from academic conference, quick our moving pace from good public praise. Stay true to the mission, keep moving, vows to be the leader of China stapler.


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