Victor Medical assist transform scientific and technological achievements, explore industry, academic, research cooperation new type

On 28th July 2018, in “2018 Xiangya International Summit Forum of Digestive Minimum Invasive Surgery” congress, Victor deputy general manager Wu Hao taken over the patent certificate & < Patent licensing contract > from Professor Wang Jing(General surgery Zhuzhou central hospital affiliated to Central South University ). From now on, the national patent for innovation —— <Single use circular Viscera strapping puller> patent transfer to Victor Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.

The < Single use circular Viscera strapping puller > patent innovation is based on Professor Wang’s rich clinic working experience. It has high clinic value, It has well solved a series of problems that many experts and scholars have been trying to solve but failed to solve, such as traction in laparoscopic radical resection of low rectal cancer, surgical field exposure, stump lavage, safe distance to the distal cutting edge and so on. More importantly, the invention fills up and improves the "tumor-free principle" and  "contactless isolation technology" caused by the technical limitations of minimally invasive surgery in the past. This surgical instrument, which is completely owned by Chinese intellectual property rights, is expected to be used in clinical practice on a large scale in the future, benefiting patients all over the world. 

Victor Medical has taken an innovative step on the road of exploring cooperation between industry, academic and research via cooperation with Zhuzhou central hospital affiliated to Central South University. We complement each other's advantages, joint technical innovation, expect to achieve mutual benefit destination.

Victor Medical Instruments Co., Ltd is a professional firm of auto surgical staplers and minimally invasive instruments, with full capability of products’ developing, manufacturing, and marketing. Since established in 2009, Victor Medical has built a professional R&D team, invested over 30 million RMB in scientific research. Up to now, Victor has obtained 35 national patents, including 14 patents for innovation. Victor Medical has been successively awarded as Jiangsu Province High-tech Enterprise, Small & Medium-Sized Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province, Private Technological Enterprise in Jiangsu Province, Engineering Technology Research Center in Changzhou City. It also receives awards of National Creative Funds, Jiangsu Province Renowned Trademark, and Technological Creation.

Adhering to the code of conduct of pursuing perfection and continuous innovation, wake medical aims to become the leader in the field of surgical and medical devices in China.


This medical instrument is a technical upgrade in the fields of tube-like viscera banding, lifting, sealing and marking, which makes it easy for surgeons to use and achieves the effect of twice the result with half the effort.

Professor Wang Jing

Director surgeon

Xiangya hospital famous surgeon Zhuzhou
Zhuzhou Center Hospital General Surgery Department (2nd  department Director)

Xiangya Medical colleague Master tutor

Deputy chairman of the Colorectal Cancer Professional Committee of Hunan Province Anti-cancer Association

Deputy team leader of Colorectal and Anal Surgery group of Surgery committee of Hunan Province Medical Association

Member of Tumor Surgery Committee of Hunan Province Medical Association

Member of the Gastrointestinal Surgery group of Hunan Province Medical Association

Member of the Professional group of Hernia and Abdominal Wall Surgery of Hunan Province Medical Association

Deputy director of Zhuzhou General Surgery Professional Committee

Deputy director of Zhuzhou City  Quality Control Center of Ceneral Laparoscopic Treatment

Editor of <China Journal  of Endoscopy> & < China Journal of Medical Engineering >

He is skilled in Diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of general surgery, especially in Standardized surgical treatment for gastric cancer, colon cancer and rectal cancer and laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery treatment is well established.

Won one provincial 3rd  prize for scientific and technological progress

one municipal  2nd prize for scientific and technological progress

One national new invention patent has been successfully converted

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